Monday, September 24, 2007

An Introduction

Candy & Trent: Best friends since 1988.
Teague: Mighty boy of 8 years. Cancer conquerer (diagnosed Jan. 05). Frog loving, soccer playing, Darth Vador slaying, guitar-hero playing, third grader... Daddy's joy, but, Momma's boy.
Ryleigh Ruth: 6 years old and fabulous. Spits sunflower seeds with her dad, loves dogs, plays NintenDogs at 6 am over a bowl of Cherrios with honey. Jet setter at 6? Went on a cruise this year with her "Bella." Spritzes on "Angel" perfume before school everyday so she can remember her momma. Proudly plays Mary-Had-a-Little-Lamb on the piano second week into lessons.
Gabi: aka Gabrysia or, more commonly known as "GAB-A-LICIOUS." Our perfectly chocolate-colored, one-year-old whose first word, uttered a day ago, was "GET!" (A subtle reminder that maybe I should stop yelling at the dog so often?) Gabi has more friends as a on-year-old than I do at 30-something. All the neighborhood kids love her. She is perfectly squeezable. She weighs about 21 pounds. She loves everyone and she loves to sleep. She is perfect.
Cookie: The May family pet who is often told to "Get" on her mat because her feet are wet from being outside.