Monday, November 16, 2009

Teague's Poor Wife!! & my Sales Pitch

I have been a Heritage Maker for a long time. I am a founder of the company... I am a teacher by trade and I am just learning to be a sales person. I have learned from both my teaching a sales experience that you have to share what you are passionate about and so, with that, I have a sales pitch for you this holiday season that I just can't pass up sharing on my blog.

This is one of my Christmas gifts to my 10 year old son-- a poster for his room I made of Teague and his dad at Halloween. I excitedly showed it to a friend the other day and she gasped, "His poor wife!"

"What? My son is ten!!!" I replied.

Then she explained. "Your son is ten and he is going to love that poster and he is going to hang it in his room and then carefully peel it off his wall and take it with him to college, then he will insist that his wife let him hang it in their house.... He will NEVER throw that gift away. His poor wife."

"His poor wife." I agreed.

Side note: this gift cost $12.95 and everything else he has asked for on his list is over $100 each. I am also MOST excited to give him this little gift over every other. It will never be thrown out.

Heritage Makers helps you make heritage-rich gifts like this. Heritage is more than old photos it is Halloween, for example, that Halloween party was more fun GETTING READY for than the actual party... Teague and Dad going to the thrift store looking for just the right stretch pants in the women's section. Looking for platform boots and spraying them silver, finding the perfect rocker hair... It wasn't just a costume party, it was a bonding experience, it was a dad sharing his love of life, & his passion for 80's-hair-bands, with his son.

How can you get started with Heritage Makers?

I recommend starting simple and trying out our online system of just dragging your family photos into our fun holiday templates... start with our greeting cards this year.

Everyone needs a great Christmas card and we have AMAZING prices until Monday, Nov. 23rd. See prices or ask me how you can get yours FREE (hint: by sharing these great packages with your mom, aunt and so forth, see break down of sales rewards)

This would be a great intro to the Heritage Makers system. AND I am here to help... I will even throw in a free poster credit if you do one of these card packages and you can memorialize your own crazy memory and drive your son's future wife crazy! :)

Check out what I made for my brothers and sisters, mom and dad for Christmas all at once-- photos are from our family reunion in July and I asked all the grandkids what they thought it meant to be a "Gibb":

My website, if you are interested is (I do the business with my mom, Sharon Murdoch).

You can email me or call me at 509-688-9250 if I can help you with something.

Celebrate your heritage with your children! (Even if it involves silver-leopard-women's stretch pants).


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our little Pumpkin, inside a pumpkin

Me: (Great idea enters brain about taking a photo of Ryder in a pumpkin, I process idea and figure I have a couple minutes to make it happen so I could then have a lifetime to enjoy this photo) Go get that huge pumpkin outside!

Trent: Why (Yankees are on TV, no desire to move from couch, it's Halloween at 5pm, hungry)

Me: I want to take a photo of Ryder in it.

Perry (Trent's dad who always tells us what MIGHT happen): You can't do that he will freeze in there Candy!

Aaron (our friend): If "Vanilla" won't get it for you I will! (Calls Trent "Vanilla"--long story)

Aaron brings in large, 32 lbs. pumpkin & places on kitchen table

I move kitchen table closer to natural light

Candy: Sid, put the baby inside (he was wrapped in a yellow blanket so no pumpkin guts get on him and to keep him warm)

Sid, Trent's lovely mother, is always ready to go with my crazy ideas.

snap, snap, snap,
turn him this way,
snap, snap, snap

Edited out some background distractions in photoshop.

Note: The baby was not cold, he didn't even cry once. Memory captured and already Heritage Makers project of 4 12 x12 prints (celebrating my 4 little pumpkins over the years) have been ordered. (Thanks to Jan Tenney for taking the one of Gabi as a chicken).

Click here to see the project... I plan to frame them all and use a Halloween decor for the rest of my whole life. (note the images will print clear, this is just a representation on the image)