Sunday, October 25, 2009

Party like a Rock Star!

We were invited to the Alteneder's annual Halloween party last night. Aaron didn't think Trent would dress up and if he did dress up it would be as a Yankee. Well Trent showed a new side when he showed up as Kiss Rock Band!!

We had a blast! Here is a shot of Paul Stanley, Rock Star, getting into his minivan with his four kids and rock star wife. He also had to stop for pizza.

Gene Simmons (Teague) had a blast getting ready for this fun night!

Gabi was Snow White and had her eye out for any poison apples. She got to wear "makeups" said, "Mirror, mirror on the wall.... who's the fairest in the mall..."

Ryleigh was a "Puffle". This costume is the envy of all her puffle-crazy friends. Mom felt like a hero making this costume happen for her this year with the help of a very kind neighbor.

Ryder cried and cried as we got ready for the party. I think we scared him with our face paint. Poor little guy. He was a kitty-- the 4th member of the band, but he stayed in his car seat and slept through the traumatic party.

These are the days we will always remember.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Poop Happens and the Best day ever!

Funny photo of Teague discovering that maybe he doesn't want to "raise" the new baby "as his own"...

Teague helped clean the baby up by helping give him a bath... (love this shot)

See that little blemish on Teague's chest? It is where his "central line" was surgically placed when he had his 11 months of Chemo. This little mark is a constant reminder of the blessing it is to have our boy with us in great health. We are so grateful. Which leads me to this...

Saturday, Oct. 10th was a "perfect day" in Trent's book. He watched Teague have his first experience playing hockey. All parents feel pride seeing their children experience fun, new things, but there a little sweeter satisfaction when your child has been through all that Teague has been through.

Trent gave Teague advice before the first practice and said, 1. have fun... these are the best days of your life 2. Don't worry about how good other people are 3. and HUSTLE (If you are going for the puck, give it all you've got!)

That is good advice for us all, isn't it?

Meet the new "Gretsky" (no pressure Teague)...

He listened to his dad's advice and had fun, and hustled out there! He scored a goal during a 1-1 drill and I cheered like he was in the Stanley Cup playoffs! I have a little bit of my Grandma Gibb in me and I don't care if none of the other parents cheer during practice.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

our boy

Can't stop taking photos of this wee boy! He just napped and ate... like you can't tell that from the photos!

I regret to inform that his eyes look like they will be brown like the others, I only regret this because I was hoping one might look like the mother. I must admit, I love chocolate eye color and having 4 sets of these gorgeous eyes looking at me is wonderful!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy October!!!!

First smile captured!

Manly- corn

Shania Twain??

our little pumpkin!