Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ABCD.... You Mean the World to ME!

Ryleigh Publishes her First Book!

I sat down with Ryleigh last week when she had a ear infection and couldn't go to school. I wanted her to help me make a Heritage Makers ABC book. It is so easy you just put YOUR photos in and you are done! All the formatting is there. Ryleigh helped me select photos and we changed a little text to suit our photo selection. But, just like a mom, I got busy with Gabi, the phone, lunch and I left the computer and when I came back Ryleigh had done a few pages. "How did you do that?" I asked in amazement. She had figured it out! We just love this book as it has a photo of everyone in the family! We ordered one for Grandma, Bella, Grandpa, etc. The price is only $29 each for this month, so it is a reasonable gift... If you need a great gift for upcoming Mother's Day, this makes a great brag book!!!

C is for Chicken.... Teague and Ryleigh got chickens (the Tenney's really got them, but my kids claim them!) They are at the neighbor's home and it ahs been such a delight! Teague and Ryleigh even did their science experiment on the experience.