Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Utah Trip

We went to Utah. My sister is due to have her baby, CeCe, anyday, but she never had her while I was there. Trent went on his annual golf trip, "The Gibby Classic" and had a blast with Ron, Preston, Bomber, ect. I shopped with mom and Ig and ate at the usual places, yum. Teague wanted to move back to Utah until I reminded him that he was getting chickens in the spring (with our neighbor, Dan Tenney). We went to the haunted forest with the kids. That was really the funnest, or funniest part. Ryleigh cried to leave her Bella. I am not sure how soon we will make the drive again, it was a LONG ride witha 1-year-old. It was fun to see Lacy (my returned missionary cousin) and her new boyfriend. Gerald Keith and his wife looked great and they were sweet to babysit the kids one day. We all got together for Sunday dinner at Mom's (the one thing I miss most about Utah).

Monday, October 22, 2007

Utah here we come

We are off to Utah this week. Lots to get ready. Can't wait to see my prego sister and my mom. The kids are so happy to have some time off school. They are such home-bodies.

I ran 5 miles this AM and it felt amazing. I love to run with the girls in my ward. They are all so great. Speaking of ward memebers, we went to the Barrington's to watch the game last night, we really like this family. Trent made us wear Yankee gear! The Barrington's are Red Socks fans. All the kids ran around wild, and even Gabi had so much fun.

We love Spokane. I am feeling like we belong here and that we are making life-long friends. It will be nice to be with our family this week (wed.) though. We are so blessed.