Monday, November 17, 2008

Cruise 2008

Back from the cruise with the whole Gibb family.

It was heaven for Teague.

He caught a frog,
held a lizard,
caught a crab
caught hermit crabs and smuggled them back home.

"Dad, when they looked at my bag (during security at the airport) I thought I was going to faint."

This is not the one he smuggled. We let this one go.

We all got a good tan. I don't think I have seen Trent with a full tan for over 15 years! He always has a farmer's tan.

Trent loved the cruise. We had many laughs. One being on the plane ride home. The stewartess asked me how old Gabi was, as she would only sit on my knee and not in her assigned seat. Trent said, "Were not sure, she has been following us around since Jamaca..." She looks like she belongs in the Caribbean.

Happy to be home? Not really, I think we could have stayed another week or two.

No cooking, no cleaning, lots of dessert. (Hence no photos of me in my swimsuit posted)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Ryleigh BOO

Ryleigh has to be something scary for Halloween. On her list this year was a ghost or a skeleton. Her she is. We had to get size 4-6 as she is so tiny. My scary girl!

Teague the Mighty Link (no he isn't Peter Pan)

Teague was a Nintendo action figure "Link" and his costume was 100% made by his mom, thank you very much. I even bought him these boots for $20 at Ross but a size 8 so I could wear them with my skinny jeans later. Why waste money?

Teague went to hauted forest this year again with Uncle Cy and CJ in Utah.

Gabi Drama

Gabi was a turtle because Auntie Angi sent her this costume. Everyone thought she was a little boy. If you asked her what a turtle said she responded, "Ribbit!" (close)

"Poppa" came for Halloween this year because Ryeligh asked him to and he can't say no to her for some reason. It was fun to watch him giggle at the kid's antics. Gabi made him laugh with her new routine: "Here kitty, kitty.... come and get it (dangling food) ... silly cat." I think she learned it from Calliou. She is adicted to Calliou and Dora.

Can't wait for next year.