Friday, December 19, 2008

Let it Snow: 25 inches in 24 hours

We had a bit of a snow fall here.
The kids are having fun pretending to be "foxes" and "badgers" in the front yard. They have dug about 6 different tunnels (with Daddy's help) and have been scurrying around them for hours.

We have had 2 snow days. Even Trent didn't have to go to work due to the snow.

1 week until Christmas.

Hope you have a merry one. We certainly will have a white one.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cruise 2008

Back from the cruise with the whole Gibb family.

It was heaven for Teague.

He caught a frog,
held a lizard,
caught a crab
caught hermit crabs and smuggled them back home.

"Dad, when they looked at my bag (during security at the airport) I thought I was going to faint."

This is not the one he smuggled. We let this one go.

We all got a good tan. I don't think I have seen Trent with a full tan for over 15 years! He always has a farmer's tan.

Trent loved the cruise. We had many laughs. One being on the plane ride home. The stewartess asked me how old Gabi was, as she would only sit on my knee and not in her assigned seat. Trent said, "Were not sure, she has been following us around since Jamaca..." She looks like she belongs in the Caribbean.

Happy to be home? Not really, I think we could have stayed another week or two.

No cooking, no cleaning, lots of dessert. (Hence no photos of me in my swimsuit posted)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Ryleigh BOO

Ryleigh has to be something scary for Halloween. On her list this year was a ghost or a skeleton. Her she is. We had to get size 4-6 as she is so tiny. My scary girl!

Teague the Mighty Link (no he isn't Peter Pan)

Teague was a Nintendo action figure "Link" and his costume was 100% made by his mom, thank you very much. I even bought him these boots for $20 at Ross but a size 8 so I could wear them with my skinny jeans later. Why waste money?

Teague went to hauted forest this year again with Uncle Cy and CJ in Utah.

Gabi Drama

Gabi was a turtle because Auntie Angi sent her this costume. Everyone thought she was a little boy. If you asked her what a turtle said she responded, "Ribbit!" (close)

"Poppa" came for Halloween this year because Ryeligh asked him to and he can't say no to her for some reason. It was fun to watch him giggle at the kid's antics. Gabi made him laugh with her new routine: "Here kitty, kitty.... come and get it (dangling food) ... silly cat." I think she learned it from Calliou. She is adicted to Calliou and Dora.

Can't wait for next year.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

His favorite thing about Halloween

Teague was saying, as we carved our "punkins" this year, that carving pumpkins was his favorite thing about Halloween. So now it is officially mine too. I have to admit I usually DREAD it. The mess alone. This year their enthusiasm was contagious. I am going to build on this experience and look for other traditions that are as meaningful and simple as carving pumpkins and do them with more vigor and joy.

Thanks Teague. for being 9.

Thanks Randi, for inspiring me to blog and celebrate motherhood in the midst of all the work/duty.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

What a week and a half. It was my mom's birthday and so we went to Utah and celebrated. Me and Angi did this great book of her life and a birthday blog for her and t-shirts that said "I love Bella" for each of us to wear and a t-shirt that said, "Bella" on hers! She liked that gift quite a bit.

Then I get back and 2 days later it is my birthday. 29 again. I had the best day. And because I never have any photos taken with me in them I made it a point to photograph this day.

It began with breakfast in bed from Teague and Ryleigh.

Gabi slept until 12:30 as a little gift to me. I was able to get ready at my leisure and finish a book I was reading (The Good Earth).

Then Teague had $30 from Auntie Angi to take me for lunch at my favorite place (nordstom cafe). Oh was it good!!

He was excited lunch only came to $24! He thought he had $6 left over. I told him he needed to leave a tip and he said proudly, "Don't worry I will give her a whole dollar." He wanted to have the $5 for himself. When I said I might want dessert he didn't look too happy. No dessert, and so after a L-O-N-G drawn out march around every store in the mall, he asked if they could look at the toy shop and he got himself and Ryleigh a little toy. Gabi saw this dog and freaked out when she couldn't take it with her.

I felt like I was with my sister and mom as I kept their photo close by all day... this was from the Utah trip (soooo fun).

I got home and Gabi went for a anp at 5pm and my handsome, clever, sweet husband took me out on a date. I chose "Wingers" even though Angi said there was 300 calories in each wing. There really isn't, but they aren't health food. When I got home I saw that someone gave me a "heart attack" on my door.

The best part of the day was getting my baby book from my mom. I am 30 something and I now have my baby book! It is so sweet. Thanks Mom. I love it!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oh Canada!

We are Canadian and we went home for a nice long visit. We love staying in Lethbridge and feeling like kids again. Trent and I. We have many family members to care for our kiddos while Trent and I bike or go to a movie. We met up with family and friends. I spent a whole evening with my mom and dad. I joked, "I am 30+ years old and this is the FIRST time I have been out with just me and my mom and dad." We had a great laugh at that! We also celebrated Trent's mom's birthday in Waterton and had a blast there. Trent's family is great. The kids love being with their Canadian family.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer of 08

Check out what summer has been like at our house.

• Ryleigh is crazy for basketball!
• Teague is pitching to daddy each day!
• Teague started growth hormone and injects himself!
• Ry and Teague got moterized scooter/motorcycles! Ryleigh's is called the "Bella" and was from Bella.
• Gabi loves to swing!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ABCD.... You Mean the World to ME!

Ryleigh Publishes her First Book!

I sat down with Ryleigh last week when she had a ear infection and couldn't go to school. I wanted her to help me make a Heritage Makers ABC book. It is so easy you just put YOUR photos in and you are done! All the formatting is there. Ryleigh helped me select photos and we changed a little text to suit our photo selection. But, just like a mom, I got busy with Gabi, the phone, lunch and I left the computer and when I came back Ryleigh had done a few pages. "How did you do that?" I asked in amazement. She had figured it out! We just love this book as it has a photo of everyone in the family! We ordered one for Grandma, Bella, Grandpa, etc. The price is only $29 each for this month, so it is a reasonable gift... If you need a great gift for upcoming Mother's Day, this makes a great brag book!!!

C is for Chicken.... Teague and Ryleigh got chickens (the Tenney's really got them, but my kids claim them!) They are at the neighbor's home and it ahs been such a delight! Teague and Ryleigh even did their science experiment on the experience.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Heritage Makers Magic

My mom and I went on a cruise in January for Heritage Makers. I went as her guest. I have been taking a break from work for the last 3 years with Teague's cancer and then our move to Spokane and our new baby. On the cruise I decided I wanted to go back to the company that I love. This came as a surprise to me. A consultant on the cruise asked me, "Why don't you do this?" and I didn't know how to answer. I told him that maybe it was because of Teague, he still goes for check ups, maybe it was because of my new baby, but she is a year and a half now. His question got me thinking and I realized that not only do I love writing stories that celebrate my family heritage, but that I was a Heritage Maker. I am the one in my family who writes the stories behind the photos. Stories about my grandparents, my babies, our vacations, and even our everyday life. I was so impressed with the people on the cruise and I was amazed at how well our consultants are doing. I decided this is the time to get going again. I couldn't have picked a better time.

Since I have been home, just over a month, I have been having fun being a business woman again. I am learning so much and I love collaborating with other consultants! I love sharing the magic of story with friends and neighbors. This company rocks! I love it and I have found that I still manage to be a mom and do the laundry just fine. In fact, I find I am more efficient. I get the laundry done as I talk to a friend about Heritage Makers.

Here is my website:

If you want to do a book, let me know, I would love to share this with you.

Candy, Feb 2008