Thursday, August 21, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

What a week and a half. It was my mom's birthday and so we went to Utah and celebrated. Me and Angi did this great book of her life and a birthday blog for her and t-shirts that said "I love Bella" for each of us to wear and a t-shirt that said, "Bella" on hers! She liked that gift quite a bit.

Then I get back and 2 days later it is my birthday. 29 again. I had the best day. And because I never have any photos taken with me in them I made it a point to photograph this day.

It began with breakfast in bed from Teague and Ryleigh.

Gabi slept until 12:30 as a little gift to me. I was able to get ready at my leisure and finish a book I was reading (The Good Earth).

Then Teague had $30 from Auntie Angi to take me for lunch at my favorite place (nordstom cafe). Oh was it good!!

He was excited lunch only came to $24! He thought he had $6 left over. I told him he needed to leave a tip and he said proudly, "Don't worry I will give her a whole dollar." He wanted to have the $5 for himself. When I said I might want dessert he didn't look too happy. No dessert, and so after a L-O-N-G drawn out march around every store in the mall, he asked if they could look at the toy shop and he got himself and Ryleigh a little toy. Gabi saw this dog and freaked out when she couldn't take it with her.

I felt like I was with my sister and mom as I kept their photo close by all day... this was from the Utah trip (soooo fun).

I got home and Gabi went for a anp at 5pm and my handsome, clever, sweet husband took me out on a date. I chose "Wingers" even though Angi said there was 300 calories in each wing. There really isn't, but they aren't health food. When I got home I saw that someone gave me a "heart attack" on my door.

The best part of the day was getting my baby book from my mom. I am 30 something and I now have my baby book! It is so sweet. Thanks Mom. I love it!