Friday, January 23, 2009

Home Again

This is a bit embarrassing. For our Heritage Makers cruise this year we had a "famous couples" night and since I was on the cruise with my mom we teamed up with Mary & Mark Hansen to be "The Girls Next Door" with "Hugh Hefner". It was so funny.

I had such a fun time with my mom and my favorite Heritage Makers Friends! I was gone nearly 10 days and I missed my little ones at home.

13 weeks pregnant today. I hope this morning sickness passes. I am working out almost daily. I hope NOT to gain my usual 50 lbs. with this one. Girl or boy? I really think we will wait this time and not find out. Teague wants a brother so bad. Ryleigh just announced she'd rather it be a girl because if it is a boy she said, "Teague won't let anyone else touch him. He will think he owns him!" (She is probably right).

Ryleigh gets baptised in a couple weeks and my sister and dad and mom are coming to Spokane. I am so excited. I found Ryleigh the cutest dresses for the occation.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Top 10

Every year on New Year's Eve we sit down to create our May Family top 10 list. We keep the lists in one book and always get a laugh at looking at years past. This year at #2 on the list is finding out we are going to have one more baby. Also on the list this year was my mom's birthday cruise, our Canada trip, Heritage Makers being on Oprah's "All-time favorites" list, and, like every year since Teague's cancer, the #1 spot goes to another year of good health.

Teague turned 10 a couple days ago. It made me reflect on a couple things. First, he is still with us and what a blessing I find that to be. I know so many moms who went through what we did and had to say goodbye to their child. The second thing is that I realized I have been a mom for 10 years now. It felt like an anniversary in a way. One that should be celebrated.

One of my goals is to complete a family year book. At the end of the "photojournalistic-style" book I put the year's top ten list. If you want to start creating one of your own let me know I can get you started. Go to my website and go to the template gallery and choose the template: "simple simon" for 8.5 x 11.5 size book. Upload your photos and write your stories to go along with them.

Here is a couple photos of the books:

Happy New Year, I will be on a cruise (for Heritage Makers) with my mom for the next week. We have a dress up night on the cruise, this year's theme is "famous couples" and my mom and I are going to be Hegh Hefner's Girl's Next Door with Mary & Mark so be sure to check back for those photos, if I dare post them.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Blog Goals

Ryleigh by our driveway

I have this new year's resolution to blog more.

We have been snowed in for weeks. About 3 weeks. I am ten weeks pregnant with our 4th (I can't believe I am typing that) and I have been craving Olive Garden but haven't been able to get out to that restaurant due to the weather. It is that bad. School starts Monday and I am wondering how my kids are going to get there. (You can see the school from our house, but it is across a large field and I really don't think their legs are long enough). I could drive them, maybe, I don't have 4 wheel drive and I am not sure I could make it there and back.

Leaving for a cruise in 1 week. Heritage Makers cruise with my mom. I am having a bit of trouble packing, as my tummy already is popping out and it is not looking cute yet, just chubby.