Monday, April 27, 2009

I Love Photos, Story Even More!

Teague is still frog obsessed! On family night we went to the swamp nearby and he looked for frogs. He found 2 (yeah, we can go home! is what is going through my mind...)

At home he put them in his frog tank. The next morning he discovered a treat... a gift... the BEST thing that ever happened to him (remember he is a cancer survivor).... the frog he caught laid eggs! Lots and lots of eggs! He has high hopes of hundreds of frogs!! (help... is what is going through my mind).

So then he is wondering if the frog eggs need fertilized to become tadpoles... help me here... he asked me (I am a mother, I should know this stuff). I told him I had no idea. He said, "Come on Mom, you SHOULD know about fertilization, you are pregnant after all!" (I told him I still do not know about laying eggs and that it was a bit different).

Here is proof that I am a good mother.... At least I can answer all HER questions...

I took Gabi to a museum last week. She had fun. I took these photos as "proof" that she had a fun day! Her new, size 3T skirt kept falling off all day! But she looked cute! I am so glad she wears skirts. Ryleigh only will on Sundays.

On Sunday the importance of story was reinforced to me on this, my latest project. I wanted to showcase my cool Ireland photos in a book and so I dug up this scrapbook. Though I love the scrapbook it doesn't contain the feelings and stories that was our "Ireland Adventure" when Trent went to PT school there for 2 years. On Sunday I delved into telling the story behind the photos.

Before (above): A tacky (but still precious) 12x12 scrapbook. After (below): A sleek 13x11 storybook, with these priceless photos and stories behind them.

Here is what I wrote on this page:

Time to be Together...

"One of the best things or memories I ever had or eve will have I experienced in our cottage at 133 Islandmagee Road, Whitehead, N. Ireland. We had just moved in the cottage and though it was totally furnished (rent= 280 quid a month) there was no phone connection and there would not be for some time... things ran differently in in Ireland... no rush to get things done. So for days it was so quiet. No TV, no phone. I couldn't call my family. Not a living soul knew where we where or what we were doing. I remember waking up one morning and Trent had already left for school and I thought, how strange and wonderful it was that no one knew where I was... just Trent. We had each other and that was enough."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is were we lived in Ireland. I had a get-together last night with some super fun women to work on books. Someone asked me about Ireland. I scanned in all the photos from that time 1997-1999. The memories came flooding back.

We would walk along the Irish Sea in the town of Whitehead.

We had Teague there. In Northern Ireland Teague is a derogatory term (or so the stuffy Protestants told me--too Irish for their British taste) so when people asked his name, and I knew they were Irish/Catholic I would say "Teague" and if they were Protestant/British I just used his middle name so they didn't give me the "look".

Trent as a new dad. He is going to have one more little boy. We are leaning towards the Irish name "Ronan". Teague likes "Lincoln" as he is in Washington DC right now with Bella. I like "Cole" as all the kids have these amazing Coal-black eyes.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter dresses

Easter Chocolate

Easter surprises

Easter vacations (Teague went to Washington DC with my mom for the week, his first flight alone all the way to LA to see Bella)

Rain boots!

New spring shoes

What's not to like about this time of year?

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!